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  • American Occupational Therapy Association web page has multiple resources available for FW educators. Sample FW objectives for sites and FW resources are available under the 'Education and Careers' tab.

  • http://www.sau.edu/Academic_Programs/Occupational_Therapy.html

  • The Occupational Therapy Program’s Assistive Technology Lab began in 1998 and has been expanding since that time in individuals served and educational offerings provided. The mission of the AT Lab is to be a regionally recognized resource on technology and innovative living solutions offering education, services, and devices to promote participation in daily life. This mission is critical as our belief is that occupational injustice occurs “… when participation in occupation is barred, confined, restricted, segregated, prohibited, underdeveloped, disrupted, alienated, marginalized, exploited, excluded, or otherwise restricted.” (Kronenberg & Pollard)

  • http://www.iowaot.org/

  • Please use code: 1234 The OTD live binder is a resource for FW educators to utilize while supervising Level I and II students.